Michel Buffet Lighting

Gueridon, LLC, is proud to introduce the Nouvelle Edition floor lamp, sconce and desk lamp designs of French industrial designer Michel Buffet. These exquisite examples of French Modern Lighting continue the great tradition of quality lighting available exclusively in the United States through Gueridon, LLC.

Early in his career, Michel Buffet designed objects for the home. Best known are his early lighting designs which were shown at exhibitions in Milan, Brussels and Osaka between 1955 and 1957. It is, therefore, the Nouvelle Edition of those first objects created by Industrial Designer Michel Buffet, that we present here – the early home objects.

Common in Michel Buffet’s work is an economy of execution. The lines are clean and the forms minimalist. Each lighting design is a concept vigorously refined down to its essense.

The choice of white as the color for each lamp is no accident. Michel Buffet’s intention was to make the light focus, moulded into form by the lamp itself. As such, the light becomes an unhindered expression of the lamp which, being white, recedes into the background.

Michel Buffet Sconce Model B206 White (BSC-B206)

Sconce Model B206 Curved

Michel Buffet Sconce (BSC- B205)

Sconce Model B205

Dsc 1190 2

Desk Lamp Model B201

Michel Buffet Table Lamp Model B203 2 593x800

Table Lamp Model B203

Michel Buffet Floor Lamp Bfl B211 360 View 33

Floor Lamp Model B211

20220623 122531 Clipped Rev 1 Clipped Rev 1 (1)

Ceiling Lamp Model B212

Dsc 2967 2

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