Serge Mouille Spider Ceiling Lamp 5 Falling Arms (mcl Sp5f)

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Have now purchased two Mouille lamps from Gueridon and have been very pleased with both. Great customer service—Lyonel was very pleasant, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Thank you!
- Robert W

Fixed Lamp

We had an old Gueridon lamp that needed to be rewired, so it would fit contemporary light bulbs. They were helpful and prompt, fixing the lamp very quickly! We're happy to have it back.
- Jennifer Bickel

Awesome Experience

I’m a designer out of the Bay area, and in our business, a lead time could make or break a project. Having said that I was really excited to come across a company like Gueridon. Their customer service was very efficient, they provided quotes really fast and they have one of the most diverse Serge Mouille inventory I’ve seen by far. Whereas everyone else was pretty limited with very long lead time. I was able to get what I needed in time for my installation date. There’s no better feeling crossing the finish line with your client on a project. Gueridon helped make that happen, it was an awesome experience!!
- Anne J.

A Very Happy Customer

I purchased a Serge Mouille 1 arm floor lamp slightly under 1 year ago from DWR. I started having issues with the foot switch where the lamp wasn’t turning on. I then called DWR they said there wasn’t much they could do which was very surprising to me. I just didn’t like the feeling of being out there with no definitive word on what to do so I called back, asked for the manager who said I should call Gueridon. I called Gueridon to explain my issue and in no time we were working on a solution. I was told I can stop by to bring in my floor lamp so they can take a look. Took a trip to Industry City in Brooklyn where they’re located, and not only were they able to quickly access the problem, they replaced the broken foot switch with a new one. I was very impressed with the staff's product knowledge, more importantly for a service that’s geared towards their clientele, they took great care of me as if I was one.
- Don T
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