Shipping is always the biggest worry our clients have. With the exception of the small sconces, all other lamps of the Serge Mouille Lighting collection require big boxes to safely ship them to you. Shipping is a mandatory process that goes along with every sale, we all pray that the lamps will arrive in perfect condition.

Many Shipping Methods

Not all shipping methods are equal and the options to ship are almost unlimited. From the cheapest shipping to the most expensive shipment, the options you choose will greatly influence the condition of the package at destination. Sure, you can choose Ground shipment with no insurance and pay no more than $50 for any destination in the USA. You will have about 78% chances to receive your package on time, and in perfect condition.

What about the 22% of problematic shipments? Let’s be clear, 1 damaged lamp out of 4 shipments is unacceptable. To save the most money to my clients, I used to use UPS ground for 6 years; I got so many returns, it almost lost my business.

Large Boxes ...

… are much more vulnerable than smaller ones. They are the first layer on which all other packages are piled up and even though the lamp inside is ridiculously light, dispatchers don’t know that, and your box will always be handled with forklifts in every hub your lamp will go through.

Did you know that most damages are not caused during transportation, but in hubs?

Large hubs often suffer from water infiltration. Water leaks are still common in many hubs where packages are often unloaded before being reloaded in a different truck. So, you don’t want your package to stay idle in a hub over a weekend. Unless you know it won’t rain… Water damages are still rare to very rare. Gueridon lost 5 packages in 21 years due to water damage.

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