Top 10 reasons you should buy from us




Technical Expertise

With decades representing Serge Mouille lamps, which are a major part of Gueridon’s business, no one knows the lamps as well as we do.



Full Line of Products

Gueridon -SergeMouilleUSA is the only business that carries all 44 models in the collection.




Our utmost priority has always been to meet our clients’ needs in a timely manner. To do so, we keep a large inventory on a rolling basis.




We exclusively offer customization on all customizable lamps (sconces and ceiling lamps).



5 Year Guarantee

We are here for Gueridon clients. Under regular conditions of use, we will address any problems or malfunction at no cost.



Secured Shipments

Serge Mouille lamps are awkward and cumbersome items to ship.  We have extensive experience in safe air shipping –over 98% of our shipments arrive in perfect condition. Our high shipping volume has earned Gueridon a great discount rate of 30% on all FedEx Air shipments – we then pass the full savings on to you.



Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your lamp can be returned or exchanged at any time during the first month of your purchase.



After Sale Service

We offer personalized advice and when necessary the specific adaptor set to ensure proper and safe mounting of your authentic re-edition Serge Mouille lamp on an American system.




Beyond regular use, we can help with most repairs. Gueridon clients will receive 50% off any applicable repair costs.



A close relationship with the manufacturer

Gueridon frequently explores with the manufacturer solutions for more complicated orders.


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